A doughnut or donut is a fried food made from dough, and is popular in many countries while being prepared differently by region. Doughnuts are available in numerous shapes, styles and sizes as sweet (or occasionally savory) snacks either homemade or purchased in places like franchised specialty shops, bakeries, supermarkets, and even gas stations. They are generally sweet, made by deep-frying flour dough, and shaped in rings or flattened spheres which sometimes contain fillings. Other types of dough such as potato can be used - as with Gluten-free Rice/Potato Donuts - and specially flavored batters, along with an endless variety of toppings, flavorings, and fillings...
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Top Pot Donuts
Top Pot Hand-Forged Doughnuts - Video Trailer

Top Pot Hand-Forged Doughnuts - Video Trailer


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